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Global Scientific Consulting is well qualified in the planning, design, development and management of scientific projects; recruiting and teaching/training scientific researchers and technicians; writing, editing and reviewing scientific materials.


Rates are competitive for all services.

General Services List

In the scientific and technical areas of chemistry, pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, biomedicine and education, Global Scientific Consulting has provided clients with:

  • Scientific Project Management
  • Scientific Instrumentation
  • Scientific Proposal Writing
  • Data Analysis
  • Technical Writing and Editing
  • Education and Training

Detailed Description of Services

Research/Management/Staff Training
Global Scientific Consulting has provided clients with:

  • Strategic direction and management of research programs
  • Supervision of staff, including PhD researchers, technicians and support staff
  • Recruitment and training for laboratory personnel in biochemical and molecular biological protocols, use of computer technology, and operating laboratory equipment
  • Negotiations for cost-effective procurement contracts for instrumentation labs

Assistance with the Publication of Technical Materials
Global Scientific has wide experience with:

  • Publication of scientific papers and books both from the authorial and editorial standpoints
    • Facilities to perform bibliographic research via the internet
    • Hands-on experience with all current forms of computer generation of scientific publications, including:
      • Web tecniques (e-mail, FTP, web searches, Adobe Acrobat, etc.)
      • Desktop techniques (Adobe PhotoShop and PageMaker, Scanners and Optical Character Recognition)
      • Word Processors and Spreadsheets

Education and Training for Increased Productivity in Industry
Global Scientific Consulting has provided business clients with courses and course materials:

  • Global Scientific keeps up daily with what is happening in many areas of science
    • Distill desired information from these sources, integrate it with other developments in contemporary science, and report it to clients either in writing or verbally
    • Provide executives, senior scientists, research technicians in industry updates or instruction on specific techniques in many areas, including:
      • Chemistry
      • Biochemistry
      • Biomedical sciences
    • Tailor services to the lay, technical personnel, undergraduate, graduate, senior scientific and executive levels
  • Provide assistance in designing scientific symposia or in the design of curricula in the physical or physically-related biological sciences
  • Offer extensive experience in working with educators and scientists
    • Design curricula suited to needs
    • Employ the latest teaching methods, including
      • Computer-aided instruction
      • CD-ROMS
      • RGB Projections

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Selected Past & Present Clients

Al Mukhtar Contracting and Trading Company, Wll, Doha, Qatar:
Hygiene consultant and lecturer on microbiological contamination in the workplace.
Clorox Professional Products Company:
Consultant and spokesperson; evaluation of new products.
Process Cleaning for Healthy Facilities (www.pc4hf.com):
Member, Advisory Board.
New York University School of Medicine:
Grant proposal writer for NIH SPORE proposal, proposals for R01 grants, DOD grants, ACS grants.
Integra LifeSciences Corporation:
Designer and writer of test protocols and reports.
Altra Biofuels LLC:
Grant proposal writer for US Department of Energy Proposal.
Healthy Facilities Institute:
Member, Advisory Board and writer.
Housekeeping Channel.com
Remington Products Corporation LLC
Sensor Research and Development Corporation:
Temporary Director of Microbiological Research Division, grant proposal writer.
Dow AgroSciences LLC:
Presenter of course on microbial contamination, reviewer of facilities cleaning procedures.
Kaivac, Inc.:
Reviewer of data and writer.
Center for Professional Innovation and Education:
Presenter of courses on cleanroom microbiology and methods of sterilization.

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